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CMI 3000II

Intelligent, versatile MIG/MAG machine for sheet metal welding and MIG brazing

State-of-the art, versatile and upgradeable

The CMI3000II is the latest generation of MIG/MAG welding machines. Combining simplicity with state-of-the-art technology, the CMI3000II is a versatile, upgradable MIG/MAG welding machine using flash-card and inverter technology. It is perfect for modern car body work where heavy demands are placed on the shop to continually adjust their processes to ensure high quality welding operations.

Process improvement gives less post-treatment

The digital intelligence in the Car-O-Liner CMI3000II, 400V makes it easy to find the program relevant to the individual car make even those in hardenable aluminium. And since the joining of special alloy thin plates requires a gentle process this has been built into the memory of the CMI3000II. The results speak for themselves; the corrosion and strength properties of the material are maintained and only little post-treatment is required owing to a minimum of weld spatter and heat input.

Remote control using the MIG-A Twist® welding torch 

CMI3000II comes with the MIG-A Twist torch. The unique, rotatable swan neck of the MIG-A Twist allows access to hard-to-reach places. It is possible to mount different modules on top of the torch for adjustment of the most important welding parameters.


  • Compact, easy to use
  • Matches new materials and individual user-patterns in all welding environments
  • Synergy program decreases the risk of error
  • MIG-brazing for galvanized steel
  • 4- wheel drive with sure-grip
  • Standby (30 W) saves energy, decreases CO2  emissions and increases the lifetime of the machine