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CMI300 Pulse TRIO


Car-O-Liner’s CMI300 Pulse (SINGLE, DUO, and TRIO) is THE welding machine for repairing cars and building up car bodies in professional workshops. It is designed to meet carmakers’ standards for joining processes in thin high-tensile steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.


  • Boost Module allowing the welder to work on either single or three-phase power
  • Double Pulse mode for precise control of the arc, reducing heat, minimizing spatter, and giving a TIG-like appearance
  • Four feed wheel system with dual tensioners providing a smooth reliable push with even the softer welding wires
  • Tachometer controlled wire feed motor for ultra-precise wire speed settings
  • LED light built into each wire feeder to simplify loading wire even in poorly lit areas
  • Soft-key control panel with color display and intuitive icon-based menu. Very visual showing the technician the effect the settings will make to the weld
  • Arc Adjustment function providing additional control of the heat and material put into the weld bead
  • Software update via SD card