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CLEM-00002 Bench & Measuring Systems Training

After completion of the training, the technician should be able to:

Identify the different components of the vehicles programmed energy management system and explain how they affect vehicle repairs. Technicians will be able to identify and describe the different classifications for collision damage
Identify and explain the three dimensions of measuring as well as how Car-O-Liner develops its data sheets and the components of the data sheet
Identify and demonstrate the proper clamping techniques for both unisized and full frame vehicles using Car-O-Liner clamping components
Identify the different components of the Car-O-Tronic measuring system as well as demonstrate proper centering and measuring techniques for both under and upper body measuring
Demonstrate how to centre and measure a car without a data sheet
Demonstrate how to make a diagnosis of the damage with Car-O-Tronic Software
Identify the components of EVO 1, 2 & 3 and demonstrate their use when extra holding is required


Two full days, 16 hours