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1600 Lake View Rd. Lake view,  NY 14085 - Office

9545 HArdpan Road, Angola, NY 14006 - Warehouse/traning center 



  • INVENTORY CONTROL - Parts silhouettes ensure that tools are returned to their proper location
  • SPACE SAVING - Maximize use of wall or wagon space
  • FLEXIBILITY - Product design range to match multiple global car manufacturer's parts designs
  • QUALITY - Attractive and sturdy construction to hold multiple parts
  • EFFICIENCY - Saves time by offering a consistent location to locate the proper tool 


Maximize Space - Keep your tools organized and inventory under control.

Adaptable! That's WorkShop Solutions

WorkShop Solutions wide variety of wall sections allow for space saving flexibility.This modular system can be expanded and reworked in order to meet just your workshop's needs. 

Wall sections that allow for unique configurations to meet your space requirement needs
Even more flexibility via the free-standing lower walls that may easily be moved around the shop
Tool boards with silhouettes help keep your tools organized
Super easy to attach/detach and move walls panels and shelves from walls to tool wagons
Cabinets on wheels that you can move around to where they are best needed, when they are needed
Shelves in varying lengths and widths
A wide variety of hooks and holders